Nkpak Egar Akakar

My Role as an Alumnus to my Alma Mater and Alumni Association
Written by: NKPAK EGAR AKAKAR (Green House, 2013 Set)

Life they say, is a book where every day are written in the pages of yesterday and today, with the remaining pages empty in anticipating hunger for what tomorrow holds. Life is nothing more than a diary; an everlasting proof of our existence. So, oft’ as the forces of nature permits, I go a few pages back to read my deeds written in blue, red, black and sometimes gold ink, causing me to think as I reflect on the things I once did. And as I once again stand before the mirror that reflects my past to my present, I cannot but pen the little I can, for the sake of my future. This I write in honour of my alma mater, my first love, the opener of my bottled eye FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COLLEGE IKOM. Giving back to the one that first gave, I only feel it fit to communicate with the voice of an alumnus. Noteworthy is that Alma mater is translated from Latin word- ALMA MATER meaning “nourishing mother”. Therefore, relating that, every academicals institution serve to provide intellectual nourishment to its students.

It is often said, “to whom much is given, much is expected”. No true mother will like her child to be a disgrace to her. Hence as an alumnus my greatest task to the college is first of all, protect and project the name of the college. It is understood that to know a man success is to look under him and see what makes him stand. I believe, if in the nearest future, I become a pillar to be reckon with, pride will just be a mere word compared to the euphoria that will be felt, when it becomes crystal clear that FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COLLEGE IKOM is the foundation on which I stand. These findings will further bring the college to limelight. When a college is well known from the images projected by her alumni, it often an avenue for it to get new recruits.

More so, as an alumnus I serve the dual purpose of motivation and inspiration to those still struggling in the trouble water of student hood. I will become a light at the end of their academic frustrating tunnel. “if he can do it, so would I” will be more than an empty cliché but a chant of hope, an expectation for a promising future. All this from my motivation to them. In one sentence, I am to share my expertise. College guidance and counselling department, often love to highlight the expertise of their alumni, as an inspiration to current and prospective student. I can offer to sit on a panel, during career weeks and volunteer to speak to a class.

Furthermore, as an alumnus, my assistance in the development of the college by providing basic amenities such as good classrooms, chairs for students, staff offices amenities, functional library materials, computers, erecting laboratories and mending dilapidated structures, good access road. My financial support in sponsoring projects will be of great help to the college.

To the alumni association, I owe the association the duty of creating and fostering our relationships. This is achievable through the different social media platform, such as; Facebook pages, whatsapp groups, 2go, instagram, linkedln and others. This is done with the intend of effective growth of the association. I am also obligated to increase engagement and alumni satisfaction by providing educative media such as enlighten alumni member on career related help, provide skills and knowledge that help launch their careers, provide information on health, finances, family and retirement. This may help in the transition of the lives of most of the alumni.

Additionally, I have a vital role to play in the promotion of general welfare of the association and the member of the association. Also in fostering the spirit of loyalty and meeting the needs of the association both in finances and in kind. Again, I will serve as a mobilizing agent. Bt this I mean, an agent who will be in charge of drawing other alumni to attend college organized activities, such as; intercourse sport, carol night, valedictory services and anniversaries. Of course, all thus are outlet for sets reunion.

In conclusion, as an alumnus to “OUR DEAR COLLEGE….” I promise to give my utmost loyalty and support, as this serves as means of appreciating the “nourishment” gotten from the college. It is on this note I end this essay with and excerpt from my favorite song back then in school. The COLLEGE ANTHEM

“Our dear college
Federal government college, Ikom…….
………and promise to be our life time,
the best Nigeria may desire
unity for us all
we shall to bring you fame.
our dear college
federal government college, Ikom

we hail and adore thee….”

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